Sunday, October 21, 2012

It's been a while... looks like I haven't posted since July! JULY! I think I need to myself really.  When the weight was falling off I was so excited to was "theraputic" and what I WANTED to do! But now, now that things are slowing down, you think I'd really need to be writing for therapy.  Don't get me wrong...I'm happy, I'm ecstatic...I'm down 127 lbs! Yes, you read that right! 127 lbs!  I'm sure there is someone out there who is doing the math to try to figure that all out. Do what you will, but I'm down 127 lbs!  I still have some more to lose, but it's exciting!  I'm wearing the same size clothes I was wearing in high school.  I went shopping the other day and was beside myself when I tried on a larger size, then giggled when I had to go back out and get a smaller size!  I'm a little out of control with the tshirts that I can buy anywhere! All those cute and funny tshirts that I've not been able to wear...I can wear them now! It's crazy! I can buy a $4.50 tshirt! Crazy, but fun!  I'm in a bit of a panic that the weather is going to get cold and I don't have any long britches! Every day is a new day for me! It truly is amazing.  I'm doing a 5K on November 17, which is 1 year and a day after my surgery.  My to actually run some of it.  I'm not a runner.  Let me repeat that...I am NOT  a runner, but I figure if I can move a little faster, the last of this weight will come off a little faster!  So, I've been doing the Couch 2 5K program and as of right now I can run for 3 minutes in a row...doesn't seem like a lot, but for a non-runner, it's HUGE!  So, on November 17th, Callaway's Crazies (That's my team name) will be walk/run/shuffling through the Color in Motion 5K!  I'm happy about...I'm proud...and I'm about as ready as I'm going to be.

So, yea, the weight hasn't moved as fast.  It's been hard. It was a long hot summer with weight just barely coming off...I was at home half of the day...where the food is, unable to walk/run/shuffle outside (which is my preference) because it was 110 degrees outside.  So it was a slow summer.  I say kudos to the folks who continue to "just lose" the weight even if they don't exercise or "eat right."  I'm not that person.  I played around with the same 5 lbs for weeks...gain, lose, gain, lose. It sucked.  It was not fun at all.  I beat myself up. Daily. But I moved past it.  I would change things up and the weight would trickle off.  It's now October and I've lost about 25 lbs in 4 months.  That's normal.  That's what I keep telling myself.  NORMAL!  It's not going to come off as fast.  I am now that person that I was 3 years ago who was trying to lose weight.  I have to watch what I eat, exercise and make good choices just like anyone else who is struggling with their weight.  I will NOT gain this weight back.  I WILL keep losing.  There is nothing like seeing folks take a double take when they see me at school...or in social situations...and it is followed by "I hardly recognized you!"  Heck yea!  This is the fun part!  I love it!  I love walking into a social situation, looking GOOD, and watching the heads turned.  Don't get me wrong, they turned before, some for the same reason and some for the "whew, that girl is big" reason.  Now, I am confident enough to know why they're looking.  I just smile...sometimes confidently and yet sometimes, coy and shy and wondering why in the world these people would be looking at that!  Big sigh...It's wonderfully complicated!

This picture is of my and Christopher, who I have known for 14 years at the Dallas Museum of Art.  The picture on the left was October 2011 and the picture on the right was October 2012.  WOW!!!!  WOW! 

The next picture is from last August to this August! The night of my 40th Birthday to the night  of my 41st! I was feeling a little sassy on 41..I can own it!  

I'm proud....and I'm looking forward to taking the picture at my Doctor's office of 1 year there to 1 year now!  Its' the visual that makes it all make sense in my head!!!

Thanks for reading...and until next time...whenever I feel moved!!