Wednesday, March 28, 2012

I did it!

So I did it! I made it to NYC and I walked that Brooklyn Bridge!! It was gorgeous and about a mile and a half. When we crossed half way I stopped, relished in the fact that I was going to finally be doing this, then I just stood still. I looked at the skyline of Brooklyn and I thought of the millions of people who walked across that bridge on 9/11. It was sobering. Here I was celebrating, when 10 years ago people ran...afraid for their lives! How horrible they must have felt! How scared! Wow. I just took it in and was just proud of myself and humbled by he fact that I was there...Where they had been.

So our trip was amazing...I walked and walked and walked and walked! Exhausted but proud that I was able to do it! On past trips we'd ride the subway once or twice, then can it the rest of the day! I saw so many fabulous people while there! I got to see 2
Tyler who was just visiting and the other who lives in NYC and has for a while. Good to see them both! We walked so much that's though that CERTAINLY I would come back and have lost weight! CERTAINLY!!! Well, WRONG! I gained about 6 lbs! Seriously?!!? I was heartbroken...and mad! Ugh. I spent the next week I spent a lot of time drinking protein shakes as my meals...thinking that I could lose those pounds I found pretty quickly...and again...WRONG! Big sih! I've now been back for a week and a half and have finally lost the weight. Thank goodness...and today i fit into the Levi's I bought before my trip! I haven't worn Levi's since
high school! I would just stop today in the bathroom and look at that red tag on my rear!! Silly...but exciting!!! Baby steps...and all in good time!

I'll try to post another pic soon. I'm definitely back to my college weight..maybe thinner! Yippeeeee!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Walking the Brooklyn Bridge!

So it's been a while since I've posted.  A long while.  That's mainly because things have slowed down a bit, which has indeed taken away some of my enthusiasm and fervor for writing! I am.  I'm back!  I had a little set back with a hurt back. Thank goodness it was nothing serious.  A couple of weeks in Physical Therapy and it's better.  No fixed...but better.  I pulled a muscle and found out that my herniated disk from about 5 years ago has fixed itself!  Now that's good news!!!  I'm on the mend and heading to New York City in 3 days! Yes...3 days! I'm so excited!  New York City is one of my favorite places! Love love love it!  I think one reason I haven't been back in several years is because it was hard work! It was not easy moving this old body from one place to another!  But I'm looking forward to this trip, 88 lbs lighter!  One of the first things we're doing is walking across the Brooklyn Bridge!  It's about 1.5 miles across. We'll start on the Brooklyn side and walk toward the city. Can. Not. Wait.  We've got a lot of other things planned and I'm sure pictures will follow!  I actually had to go shopping last weekend because I don't have any jeans to wear!  It was so much fun to just go into Ross, Marshall's, etc and get clothes! Wow!!  I loved that the jeans were cheap, since I'm probably going to be out of these jeans in a month or so.  It does make me a little sad that it is taking me a month or so to move through clothes...but I'm still moving and that's good.  It's been a little over 3 months and those first few months the clothes were falling off of my quicker than I could imagine!  All in good time...all in good time! :o)  I want to thank everyone for their continued support and encouragement!  I love that the folks at work call me "the incredible shrinking woman!" and I hear "Hey there skinny minny" at least 2-3 times a week!  Wow...what a concept! I'm in a FB group with a group of women who have been through the surgery and it's a great place to see the potential that I have ahead of me.  I can also go to them when I'm stressed about stalling or when I need to know about this whole losing hair thing, etc.  I am noticing that I'm losing some hair when I blow it dry and just hope that there is new hair growth right behind it!  I like my hair.  Yep yep.  Anyway, that's where things are.  I'm happy...I'm healthy...and I'm still thrilled I made this decision!