Friday, July 6, 2012

The World IS a Roller Coaster!

It has been a long long long time since I've written. Nothing personal, just not much to report.  The weight is still coming off, just at a much slower pace.  I feel GREAT and am very happy!  I've spent this week in San Antonio with Granny and the twins and our friend Noelle.  Here's what I knew going into the trip: 1) Those babies (they're 6 now) are movers and shakers! 2) Noelle is a mover and shaker! 3) It was my job to keep up!  A year ago I could have laughed and not even considered making this trip. Or, I would have driven down here and just hung out at Hotel Noelle (what we call Noelle's fabulous home)!   But not this year...112 lbs down and I was ready to play! Yep, you read it right! It still shocks me to say it, let alone read it...where it is now archived!  For the first time in my life I feel like a normal person. I can shop just about anywhere, I can walk down the street and not feel judged, oh...and most importantly, I can ride a ROLLER COASTER!!!  

After our long morning of shows at Sea World, I told the girls (Granny and my cousin Ashley who was also there with her two boys) that I wanted to at least TRY to ride a coaster.  Now, let me say, I'm not doing this because I love roller coasters.  No way.  I did it because I wanted to know if I fit!  Was I going to be able to close the arm of the coaster, which is a pretty important piece of the puzzle with those coasters. So, Ashley and I waited in a very short line, which is probably a good thing, because I would have likely bailed, then it was our turn.  I had a plan. I was going to go first, that way if either I didn't think I'd fit...or if the 16 year old running the show didn't think I'd fit, I could just shimmy off and no one would be any the wiser.  So we get in, I sit down, and put on the lap belt (like in an airplane) which was too big! Shut up! Then we waited for the little gate thing to come down. Click, click, click....snap! I was in!! Holy cow....this is the point that I realized I was really doing this!  I'm riding this ride!!!!!!!!!  I FIT I FIT I FIT!  There really wasn't much time to reflect on that because we were off and running!  As we began going up the first hill, I looked at Ashley and said, "What was I thinking!!?!!?" She just laughed and off we went.  After what felt like 20 minutes of ups and downs, the ride was over and I was exhilarated.  If I hadn't have had such a bad heat headache from the days festivities, I would have definitely done it again!  I'm ready to hit Six Flags in Dallas folks...who's in??

My other monumental weight related accomplishment was walking through the Natural Bridge Caverns. I've been to this area for years and we've never spent time at these caverns, so I had NO idea what to expect! I guess if I had put some thought into, I might realize that you have to go UNDER ground to get there...which means you will eventually have to walk back UP to the top!  Well, ya know, it wasn't horrible! We weren't moving fast, but a year ago, I'd have never made it back up, or at least without gritching the whole way! This time, I looked at it as exercise and was grateful to have the opportunity to do it! It was a neat day and I think the kids enjoyed it!  There's some crazy looking stuff down there!!!

So, to end the trip, I met my sweet cousin Ashley (actually 2nd cousin, once removed) for dinner/margaritas! I grew up with Ashley when we were little and have kind of lost touch as life happens. I've thoroughly enjoyed my last couple of years and jaunts to San Antonio and getting to spend time with her...and her kiddos!  When I sit with her, there's no question that we're not only family, but friends, and that makes me happy.  Now, I'm going to post this next picture and you'll probably laugh at how in the world there could be any blood relation between the two of us.  I figure it's a very small trickle down effect, but yes, it's there!!!  :o)

Yes, that's right folks...I'm a good head taller than least! I still love her though!!! I have a picture of the two of us from about a year and a half ago...we've both lost weight and I can't wait to get my hands on that to share with her!  I remember thinking in that last picture...oh my. I can't show this to anyone...but this picture!?!? Heck yea! We're a couple of good looking Turbeville blood line!

Last, but certainly not least, I spent the 4th of July in Austin with new friends...and old ones!

I haven't seen Ferrell (on the right) in a good year or so! She's stationed here in San Antonio and saw my FB post! I'm so excited it worked out to get to see her, and meet her friend Blanco! What a treat! And big thanks to our hosts, Stacey and her friends, for allowing 3 almost total strangers to crash their party! It was a great day out in the sun and in keeping with the theme of the blog, I had absolutely NO problem/issues wearing a bathing suit in front of a pool full of strangers! Baby steps, steps!

It has been a great week and sadly we're headed home today.  We'll make one quick stop in Austin to see Parker and Finn, then another in N Austin to see our friend Sherry, then it's back to DFW where I'm bound to have some papers to grade, dissertation stuff to organize, and some treadmills to hop back on!

Thanks for listening to be ramble...on and on and on!!



  1. What and awesome trip! I am so happy for you! some awesome milestones for you :) You must be totally over the moon! You are doing such a totally amazing job!

  2. Thanks Julia! I always love your feedback...and your looooooooong distrance friendship! :o)