Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Holy Wow!

Well, it's been a minute since I posted...and since I'm using this blog as my attempt at therapy, I stopped today to try to figure out why I haven't wanted to "talk" to myself (an you guys) in my blog!  Well, I'm not real I'm just gonna type away and see what happens.

So this is the first thing I'd like to talk about. Yep...that's me on the left...and the right! Yep yep! The first picture was in October at our DMA event and the second picture was taken last weekend at our DMA event! Holy Wow! I have talked about this before, but until you actually SEE the picture and the difference it's still a little surreal.  SURREAL!  While I know this is what is supposed to happen...and what is actually happening, it is still pretty amazing when I see it! Happy Happy Happy!  This makes the little hiccups/stand stills that I've hit all make's all going the way it's intended...all in good time. I'm soooo on this!

Also, I hit the 75 lb mark today! read it right...I've lost 75 lbs! Holy Wow AGAIN!  Again,excited!  I haven't been this size/weight in probably 10 years..if not more.  I'm looking forward to the next set of pounds that I lose!  There will be a need for shopping...guess I need to take those clothes to the resale shop sooner rather than later!

So, my exercise decresed tremendously, sad to say.  I've done something to my back.  I tried to walk the other day and shortly after I headed out I had to head back home....the next day the back was gone completely.  I have medicine and a MRI on Friday. I'm hoping it's something my Dr can fix with a shot or two!  The weather has been so so nice that I hate not being outside!  It's ok..everything happens for a reason...and it will all work out!  All in good time, right?!! Big sigh.

So, yea, things are going well.  Gotta get this back shaped up and I'll be good to go!  I'll touch base with you all when I have my next "I think I need to write something" moment! 

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  1. I was wondering when you were going to write something again!! Though I know you're a busy bee... I'm not! LOL I write every day... sometimes twice even!! Ugh, I need a life!!

    You look amazing and you STILL sparkle!!! You'll get the back thing worked out, or you'll end up like Karen, living with the pain and doing what you need to do anyway. I hate that for her...

    Have you found a bike yet? I really hope you do... maybe you can get one as a gift from someone? :)