Thursday, January 12, 2012

Eye on the prize! I've had a rough couple of days...maybe even weeks! I haven't seen the scale move at all and try as I might, I can't NOT look at the scale! I have tried and tried. So, I've accepted (I think) that my role in all this is to just accept what the scale says and deal with it. I will say the "stall" on the scale has sent me to the gym with much more fervor! I've actually found myself running (very slowly) in 30 second intervals! My goal is to get in a 20 minute mile and do whatever it takes to make that happen. Now, mind you, my exercise post-surgery has just been about moving. Walking. and not sitting. So, to think that 2 months later (yesterday was 8 weeks post-op) I'm moving my feet quick enough to call it a run...that's a big deal! I knew there would come a point that I'd step up my game, so to speak. The trainer is still an option...and I still haven't gotten the wheels aired up on the bike that my friends Shauna and Karen were kind enough to donate to my cause...but I'll get there!

So, in an attempt to push myself a little further and to give me a sense of success, I put together a before and after picture. I've looked at these pictures a hundred times, but until I put them side by side I don't think I really had any idea of a: how big I'd actually gotten and b: how well I'm really doing! So..I'm going to share it with you guys! Here ya go!

The picture on the left was taken at the DMA in October. That kiddo, ok, so he's a young man who happens to be taller than me, is my sweet little Christopher who I started babysitting when he was 2.  We continued working together for years in therapy and babysitting and though he probably doesn't know it, Christopher (and his family) played an important role in my many special moments in my life! One of the sweetest moments was the day after I was diagnosed with my brain cyst I was babysitting...and when I wen to tuck Christopher into bed he started saying the Lord's Prayer.  I knew then that I was going to be ok! Thanks Christopher!  Ok, enough of that! Anyway...the picture on the right was taken a couple of weeks ago. You've seen this picture...I'm excited to see this picture!  I needed to see this picture...and I needed to see it compared to the other picture!  I needed to know that thus far, it's all been worth it.  The apple and peanut butter for dinner and boiled egg for's all worth it!  The work is paying off and I continue to have my eye on the prize!!!


  1. You can do this Stacey, and stay positive! You look great!! I'm sure you'll hear this from others, but it's worth saying again. The weight loss will slow as you exercise. You're probably dropping excess weight, but gaining muscle, which means a scale that doesn't move as rapidly. The biking and any cardio you do will help. My ex still carries her "before surgery" picture... she says to remind herself to "keep it real." We're rooting for you and your apples and peanut butter sounds yummy! I always crave peanut butter! :)

  2. you're looking great! Stick with it lady you are an inspiration. I have "interval" photos up near the treadmill to remind me where I have come from and where I'm headed :) You are doing great :) This is a minor hiccup and you'll have passed it and forgotten it in no time :)