Monday, January 2, 2012

Picture 'n Such

I've had a couple of people ask for a here ya go...I'm posting a picture! For those of you who haven't seen me in about 4 or so years, this is probably what you remember me looking like. Those who have seen me lately can really tell that I've lost weight!

I had a friend come into town today from Chicago so we hit up her old favorite restaurants! I had a small portion of an enchilada and refried beans, then for dinner she wanted Boston's Pizza so I ate the cheese and other toppings off and a little tiny bit of crust! Good stuff! So far so good folks!!!


  1. You looked good when I saw you! Still sparkly! How are you handling eating? My ex had the same surgery, and even 4 years later, it was hard for her to eat without feeling ill. Maybe she wasn't doing something right? K will start taking phentermine today. Cross your fingers... I worry so much about anything that could possibly make her MS worse!