Sunday, December 4, 2011

All in good time

So, I'm not gonna lie...I have these terrible cravings. I have to assume that these are because I'm going to see that dietician on Tuesday.  But let me tell you, if I don't get an egg after my visit on Tuesday, there will be a real problem! I don't know what it is about an egg...but I'm craving an egg! Yes please!  Don't get me wrong, the food at the Christmas party Saturday night was tempting....but I didn't even put myself in a position to be anywhere near it. Rumor has it I can have beans (refried) soon and the infamous boxed mashed potatoes! I haven't made those since college!  So, I assume those will be my 3rd meal over the next couple of weeks and I'm hoping that surely by Christmas I can have a little something!!!  Whew! I'm not hungry...just missing the concept of chewing!

I went to the apartment gym today for the first time and was thrilled that I was the only person least for a little while.  I do believe I like better walking outside, but since it's been raining all weekend I had to do something to get moving!  2 miles (not k) in 45 minutes while I was reading the Gabby Giffords story and listening to my iPod. It certainly made things go much more smoothly!

So, a fellow Weight Loss Surgery (WLS) friend told me the other day when you're not losing lbs, you're losing inches! Tomorrow morning I'm getting out the measuring tape! I need data to support that statement! Or maybe even a pair of pants to fit me better! I did go shopping this weekend, just out of curiosity and left a bit disappointed.  My mind is moving fast than my body! Baby steps...and all in good time!  I need those words up on a poster in my bathroom!  All in good time....all in good time.

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