Saturday, December 17, 2011


I'm so very excited about all the clothes that are now too big...and there's plenty of them...however, I'm a little disappointed about the clothes that are still too small! I have my eye on a couple of things and I'm not quite in them yet.  Since it's only been 4 weeks, I don't really have an established pattern of how this weight loss thing is going to go.  Granted, I know it's going quickly, but no time for a pattern.  I've heard many times, and probably mentioned it on here, that it doesn't matter what the scale says when your clothes are falling off of you! Agreed.  Definitely agreed. However... (there's always a however or a but isn't there) really, the clothes thing is just another way to measure things.  Another way to judge.  I don't really like judging...but it's inevitable.  So, if I take my obsession away from the scale, then I transfer it onto a pair of blue jeans or the measurement tape and then we're back where we started with the "don't get obsessed" thing that sweet sweet Meghan (the nutritionist) was talking about!

I wore a pair of jeans Thursday night that I haven't worn in years.  They were a little snug and honestly, I've gotten so used to my really big comfy jeans and my elastic waist pants that I was dang near miserable with these jeans on! Big sigh.  It's ok though...I couldn't put them on my body 4 weeks ago! Let me say that again...I could NOT put them on my body 4 weeks ago!  That's profound! That's huge! That's exciting...even with the judgement.

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