Sunday, December 11, 2011

Christmas Parties

Ok, so I had several Christmas parties to attend last night and being the social beast (that's supposed to be funny) that I am, I didn't want to miss them! So, I headed out to Plano to my Miss Blair's house for her shindig! Now, what I can tell you is that Blair is Martha Stewart on crack!  Her house is decorated so beautifully and the food...oh the food! I called Blair in advance to see if she'd have anything that was mushy.  She gave me a couple of ideas so that I could be prepared.  (See..just like my kids, information before hand is a good thing!) I get there and walk into a sea of people who I just don't know.  I've been out of Plano for 6 years now and wow has the topography of people changed!  I did see some folks who I love...and have missed, so that was nice!  Back to the food...there was a spread. Everything from pate' (sp?) to iced cookies to savory cheesecake (that I still haven't figured out exactly what it is...but I'll be asking!)  And then, on one little plate I see these things...these cheese looking things.  Chips...yes, they were cheese chips! I was sooooo excited!  Those are my favorite "snack"! Leave it to Miss Blair to have something I can have! Yay!!! Party #1 SUCCESS! No need for a Danimal's yogurt between parties!

Off to party #2!  I'm headed back to Keller to Kim D's.  Now, the situation here is that Kim is making Hebert's famous stuffed chicken.  I knew that getting there late I'd miss the formal seated dinner...which was kind of my plan.  But good old KD saved me some chicken and some dressing!!!  I can't wait until lunch today to eat that chicken! I think I'm going to tear it up and make chicken salad out of it! :o)  Now, on a more immediate front, KD had Melba Rounds! I can eat those! Score! I got my piece of American cheese out of my blue insulated bag I take everywhere...just in case... and had cheese and Melba!  It was fabulous!  Aside from the food, we exchanged gifts and I came home with a Bobber floating cooler! I LOVE IT!!!  We also played a rousing game of Left-Right-Center which was pretty uneventful until I won!  Good times...good people..good Melba...good party!

Don't get me wrong...this wasn't the easiest night for me.  Christmas I figured it's a good thing I like people! :o)

On another note...while at Party #2 a couple of girls were talking to me about this blog and they firmly explained that I needed to change my blog intro on fb from "In case you're bored..." and explained how that sounded kind of negative.  I was shocked. It was not my intent at all.  It was meant to be light hearted and I surely didn't mean to be a downer.  I'm sharing this blog with everyone because you are all my friends and family and I put the "in case you're bored" in the intro on fb as a way to let you know that there was a new blog.  So, now I'm going to come up with a new plan...and even if you are bored...or aren't can read it!   I really do appreciate you guys giving me a place to say the things I need to say...the things that make me laugh and the things that make me laugh.  Your feedback and support is much much appreciated!

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