Thursday, December 29, 2011


Wow...I came home from 5 days away from my own little bubble and I still managed to lose 6 lbs!  I was very excited when I weighed! Woo woo woo!  And my jeans that I took with me to wear that were tight when I got to the Ranch and fit me comfortably today! Woo woo woo!  I'm really happy with the progress I'm making...and am still trying to get the vision of 6 months down the road!  Wow...I can't wait!

Today I went to the Fort Worth Nature Center with some friends and went on a hike! It's gorgeous out there! They've been telling me for a while how nice it is out there and I'm happy that I have a desire to get up and go! The old Stacey wouldn't have even thought about it....ok, maybe I'd have thought about it, but I wouldn't have gone. It would have been too much trouble...or I would have been worried about something an ankle or something.  But today...I just went...and it was lovely! Yay lovely!

People continue to amaze me...and in a good way this time, I'm happy to report! I've decided that riding a bike might be a fun thing to throw into my exercise mix.  I've had a bike before and ridden it maybe I gave it away.  Well, here I am again, considering the bike thing, however, I don't want to invest in something I'm not going to use. So, I threw it out there on FB that I was looking for a bike and BAM just like that I have a friend who has offered her bike to me! How awesome is that!!? I love that I have so many people in my life who are supporting me on this journey!

One more random thing...  I talk so much about jeans that fit now, that I haven't stopped to talk about the clothes that DON'T fit anymore! It's a good thing, but mercy does it look funny to me to see clothes that are too big!  It's crazy! I put on a shirt this morning and I just couldn't wear it.  It's so big on me!  It's a good's an amazing thing...but it's odd for me.  I assume this is another one of those emotional things I have to learn to handle? I've used clothes for years to hide this old body of mine...and now those clothes are too big. I'm going to have to start wearing clothes that fit...which is a good thing...but a new thing.

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