Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Doctors, calves and slip-ups!

So, I have several things to report today.  First, while shaving my legs this morning I realized that my calves...my 40 year old calves...have definition! What...wait...where did that come from!?!  Really, walking...that's all!?  Well shit, I should have done this years ago! (sarcasm)  But really...I have this little dent on the side...of both legs...where you can see the muscle! I love it! Not that I'm into muscle showing, but after many years of no definition whatsoever, I'm excited!!!

Along those lines, I went to my orthopedic doctor, Dr. John Crates (best Dr. in the WORLD...even though he puts me through a lot of pain) today and got a shot in my foot.  Every time I start exercising my plantar fasciatis goes haywire, especially on my left foot.  I've been muddling through the walks around the park, just sucking it up, because that's what  I do.  Hurt no more foot! I thought I was going to DIE when they were giving me the shot. I really think they should put you to sleep for that. It is a pain like no other and one that you kind of forget about until you are there and are about to get the 3 inch long needle injected into your arch! Ouch!  I'm good now though...all wrapped up and ready to walk!  Well, except for the back pain...that also started when I started exercising. I have a herniated disc that gets fussy every now and then, but now that I'm moving more it's decided to hurt.  I blame most of my medical woes on my bad genes, but this one I'm pretty sure is related to years of picking up kids while teaching PPCD!  Anyway, I'm going back to the Dr. for that in the morning and hopefully he'll be able to get me lined up for shots in my back next week.  They DO put you under for those!  I really want to get all of this in before the 1st of the year as I've met my out of pocket!  The only benefit of insurance is that when you use it a lot, it's eventually free! This is only the 2nd time I've hit my out of pocket, with the first being the big brain surgery.  So, hopefully I'll have a fixed back real soon too!  Until then, power through!!

I saw my surgeon today, who was really excited about my...drumroll please...wait for it....51 lbs lost!  Yep...I'm not real big on sharing the numbers, but I'll share this time.  I figure there will come a point when I'll stop sharing because you people are smart and can add things up and figure out where I was when I started!  :o)    My incisions are healed and all is well!  I go back in 6 months.  When I tried to visualize (because I'm trying really hard to do that) what I would look like in 6 months, I just couldn't.  I can't see it.  It's inconceivable to me, even with the success I've had this far!  It's exciting...and I'm looking forward to it, because there's a lot to be done (spring without my partner at work...she's having a baby, and a dissertation to start...and finish!)!  It's exciting!

He also encouraged me to start regular foods.  I'm nervous about that.  While I am a little bored with my limited food selections, it's been successful.  Why would I want to try anything new??  I need to...and I will, but I'm still bringing what I know works with me to the Ranch for Christmas.  No slip ups here, please and thank you.

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  1. Well done! I lost close to 100lbs a couple of years ago and the difference was incredible. I totally understand about the back pain as well. Hang in there you are doing great!