Friday, December 23, 2011

Honesty, food and long walks in the cold!

My sweet 5 year old nephew looked at me last night and said, "Why do you always wear your Superman PJ's when we see you?"  My reply, "because they're my favorite! I love them...but they are getting too big!"  To which my amazingly insightful and conscientious 9 year old nephew said, "Ya know, I think you might be losing some weight!?!"  I turned to my parents and asked if they had prompted him...nope, he just recognized it.  He's such a sweet kid and it was very affirming to hear that come from the mouths of babes!  Their level of honesty is so real.  So now, I think I look at things a little differently.  If Parker can see it, I need to LET myself see it!  Reality is hard to swallow sometimes, especially when you've lived one way for so very long! Just like the picture I posted on FB today, "Be your own kind of beautiful"...find the beauty and embrace it!

Today was my first full day with the whole family post surgery....and let me tell you, these people like to eat! Not that they eat a lot, they just eat good food!  I made it through breakfast with my one little egg...while everyone else ate Mom's famous pancakes!  I made it through an uneventful lunch...and I made it through dinner with my aunts famous hamburgers!  I ate chicken that she grilled for me.  It was yummy...but it wasn't that big yummy burger!  I'll be honest, I looked at that hamburger and couldn't even imagine eating that whole thing!  It's amazing how behaviorally you change when pain/discomfort is your consequence for eating the things you shouldn't!  Next week I can officially start "normal" foods, but the Dr. said earlier this week that I could be on regular food.  I'm not planning on pushing that limit too much while I'm here, because the last thing I want to do is be sick when I should be enjoying my family!

Finn (the 5 year old nephew) and I went for a one hour walk today! We were in no hurry, so it ended up only being about a mile and a half, but still...we were outside and moving and it was lovely! I enjoyed my quality time with him and I got to move!  It was pretty chilly outside....which again, I'm hoping counted extra towards my efforts! If I'm trying to keep myself warm AND walking, surely that's a bonus!?!?!  While walking we were able to identify and name different animal poop and tracks that we saw! Love that about 5 year old boys...Poop is important!  This is the same kiddo who recently said, "Mom..Poop is the boss of me."  Love him!

So, I realized as I was driving up here yesterday that I will be without a scale for 5 days! After weighing ever least once..for the past 6 weeks, I'm having some withdrawals.  But I will admit that I'm very excited to see how much I lose in the 5 days! Maybe this will encourage me to take a day off from the scales every now and then during the week!  Sweet Meaghan (the nutritionist) will be excited!

I've been on several tangents tonight...a little I typically am!  Enjoy!  I don't know if I'll be back before Christmas, so to your and yours...and Happy Merry Christmas and every other holiday you hold dear to your heart!  Thanks for reading my blog. I definitely think this has turned into a theraputic space for me and I'm lucky that a) I have it and b) people read it and c) people read it because they want to!

Love to you all!

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