Saturday, November 26, 2011

Big Night Out!

Folks...I have been waiting for this night out since BEFORE the surgery...and I was desperately afraid that having surgery was going to slow me down and I wouldn't get here! Ya friend Elizabeth Wills plays in Dallas about 4-5 times a year and every one of them is absolutely worth seeing.  What I know about Elizabeth is that there is not a song that you would be unable to relate to in one way or another.  She can sing a song that will speak right to your heart and it will stay there until you process all that it means....and it truly can mean something different to you each time you hear it. Or there are the songs that she sings right to your heart that touch...grab you...and make you re-feel all those feelings from that lost love or your best love. It's truly amazing and something that you must experience to really understand.

This show, though, I knew she would be be singing a few Christmas tunes!  She gets the audience involved with Jingle Bells, then she will bring you to tears with her rendition of "Oh Holy Night!" Listen to this and tell me you're not suddenly in the mood for Christmas and the true meaning of Christmas...this will bring you to your knees.

What I learned tonight is that you have friends who will do absolutely anything for you. You have friends who are like family who you have known for 35+ years and you see them for the first time in years and years and years that it is still very easy to pick up where you left off and love them like you did. I learned that pizza smells really good and that Campisi's is first on my list for when I can start eating again! I learned that no one is going to say anything to you if you eat a cup of sugar free chocolate pudding in the middle of a show...and that it will now have new meaning to eat that pudding, as I will be taken back to just that right moment in E-Dub's song that conjured up an emotion of one kind or another!
I love that I really did feel well enough to go and enjoy the show...and enjoy I did! It was an epic night...I am a big fan of epic nights! More please....

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