Thursday, November 10, 2011


I've been on this liquid diet for one week now. One week! I'd kill for a Pringles right now...or is it a Pringle? I'd be happy with just one....but I digress.  So, I'm blogging as a way to say what I'm thinking, right? So, I can say what I want? Right? Before I go on, I need for you guys to know that this is not directed at's just me unloading. Unloading is even a little strong. I'm just sharing.

I've had 5 surgeries in 40 years. 3 ankles, 1 gall bladder and a brain. Not once in 5 surgeries has anyone said to me, "Are you excited?" Nope, when I was waiting on results from my MRI, no one said, "are you excited?" Headed back to have the gall bladder removed, no one said, "hey, are you excited? Are you ready?"  And the ankles...nope.  I absolutely recognize that this surgery is different. Absolutely.  I guess if I was getting a boob job someone might say to me "are you excited?"  And with that, I suppose I might be.  I love, love, love the support I'm getting from everyone. The love that I feel is invigorating. You guys are amazing. But am I excited? No, not really.  I know that good things will come from this surgery, as it was when I had my brain surgery.  Sometimes there are things in our body that just don't do what they're supposed to anymore....and that's how I feel about this surgery. Bottom line, my stomach is more trouble than it's worth!   If I want to make it to old age, it's gotta come out, just like that cyst in my brain and just like my nagging old gall bladder! So, if I make a sour face when you ask me if I'm excited, please don't be offended.  If I smile and shrug and say, "Yep...I'm excited"...know that in that moment, I am.  It's an emotional ride...and will be for quite some time! Hang on and enjoy the ride, right...because I'm nervous and scared and overwhelmed and sad and shocked and surprised and amazed...and yes, a little excited.

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