Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So picture this....(WARNING...long and lots of rambling)

First of all...a disclaimer: I love my parents with all of my heart and would not be the person I am today without them. So, if Mom should be able to figure this out and get here, please know that I'm just having fun with this,'s funny...ask Kellie Casse...she was cracking up earlier.

So, I come home from work today knowing that Mom and Dad would be here, anxiously awaiting a trip to the store.  I come in the front door and I feel like I'm in some Army Barracks.  Dad has his boyscout cot spread out in the "dining" room at my house.  Mom's asleep in a camping chair and I, well, I was looking for the campfire! Dad presumes that this will be much more comfortable than the couch, so cot it is!

We ventured to the store, which I've done several times in these past 2 weeks without event, and I felt like we were on the hunt for the craziest things...water chestnuts, pistaccio's, etc etc etc.  Once I got what I needed and convinced them that it was time to jet! Hanging out at the grocery store these days is not my idea of a good time!

Back home for a packing and going over the directions for post-op with my mother. I had to remind a friend that we have 2 special ed teachers and a kindergarten teacher trying to manage this process! I do have a couple of tutors on call, and you know who you are! :o)  We'll figure it out though...lots of 1 oz cups and lots of protein! I'd like to keep my hair, please and thank you.

On a serious couldn't get more real than this. I'm closing my eyes for the last time as the Stacey that I've known since I was an infant. I was born 9 lb 9 oz (I try to convince myself that God made me this way!)  I was always the chunky girl in dance....the one who had trouble with the bars in gymnastics...the one who WANTED to play the big tenor sax (because I was big and tough enough, but wasn't allowed to)...the one whose highschool volleyball jersey always had to be special ordered because the regular order didn't fit. There has always been something. Something that made this weight always and forever an issue. Now, it's a different kind of issue.

Do I anticipate that this is going to change me...yes, but only for the better.  As my friends, I want you to tell me, whew...ever since that surgery, you are just different...especially if different isn't a good thing.  I want to be the same happy girl...funny girl....studying girl....grading papers girl....loving her job girl...loving my friends girl...loving my family girl...and loving who I am girl and I may need your help in doing that!

It's actually morning now, as I fell asleep last night trying to finish this. I was exhausted. I'm awake now, early, probably anticipating....but I'm awake.  I will go to work this morning for half a day, which is probably a good thing. It will get me out of the house and away from thinking about not eating!! No food or drink until the surgery. None. Sure does make a girl thirsty! :o)  So, I'm going to go distract myself by going and doing the thing that I love the most in the world....working with kiddos....then it's time!

I will be taking my computer with me to the hospital. I told mom it was non-negotiable.  I don't know what my time is going to look like there, but I hope to keep you all posted somehow.  I'm certain there will be a fb post after surgery and maybe just maybe a blog tonight!

Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers as I begin the latest adventure in my life!!! Love to you all....HERE WE GOOOOOOOO!!!!

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  1. Good Luck! I hope all goes well and your recovery is a smooth one :)