Thursday, November 24, 2011


Thanksgiving has never really been the most traditional holiday with our family. The boys's Mom's high school I had Thanksgiving Day basketball tournaments..etc etc etc. So, today, my 40th Thanksgiving stayed within that real.  Considering the only way I'd have been able to eat turkey and dressing today would be blended and through a straw (bleck) I opted out!  Dad took Mom to Cracker Barrel (where they waited for an hour and a half) for her birthday!  I desperately wanted a bowl of potato soup, but they didn't make any today! :o(    So, I spent the day today stretching my legs.  That's what I like to call my walks that I take.  The walks that started out as one lap around the nursing station this time a week ago have turned into 35 minute walks around the newly found pond! I squeezed in a little nap, then had a visit from my very dearest friend in the world! We've known each others since 1st grade! That's like 34 years! Crazy!  Bless her heart, she's an Aggie and I've spent the last 30 minutes gloating! How about those Longhorns!?!?  Mom and I  watched Lady Gaga until 10:00, then switched it over to the end of the loved it! Great way to go out UT!!

Gotta hit the sack...big day of purging the apartment tomorrow! Salvation Army is coming and we're getting rid of a lot of stuff! It's time!!!

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