Friday, November 4, 2011

Day 2 - Not a very creative title!

So, today was better. Much better. I was a lot busier today too...I think that's the key.  I'm still very excited and the support I'm getting is amazing.  Thank you to everyone! Thanks to Glenny at work who made me some soup to have! It'll be nice to have something other than Chicken Noodle. Now, I did buy some Disney Princess Chicken Noodle Soup! I'm certain that there will be a day that I NEED to feel like a princess in the next 12 days!  I still can't believe this is happening.  The last time I was 12 days away from surgery, I was preparing for brain surgery!  This was a surgery that was not a choice.  I feel like what I'm doing now is a choice. It's a necessary choice, but still a choice.  That seems to make it a little bit more difficult to swallow, so to speak.  I know this is what I need to question about it.

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