Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Getting better...

So, today, life and work took control of when I got to "eat" today.  There was a slight chance that I was going to fall out around 3:45, but luckily I had a thing of cottage cheese in the car! Saved my life! Whew! It wasn't the end of the world though...which was very nice to know!  I also know is that this is working. I'm down to a set of numbers I haven't seen in a while....which makes it really exciting at the notion of what's to come! I wish that I had this blog thing going on 5 years ago when I had my brain surgery. I said I was going to write in a journal, but never did. Granted, my brain was pretty tired, so it might have been harder.  I think this is going to be nice for me to look back on and reflect on where I was when I started and every step in between.

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