Monday, November 14, 2011

Here we go....

Saturday was the first day in this 8 days of the liquid diet that I actually felt hungry. Today...on a clear liquids only, I thought that I might just die. Ok, die is a bit dramatic...but good lord! FYI, fat free chicken broth tastes like dirty water. Yes, I said dirty water...nasty dirty water! Goodness. I sustained myself through the day with staying busy, and apple juice and grape juice and water!  However, when I got home I had the very best broth from Ramen noodles! So so so so good!

I'm really ready. I really really am ready. This whole process has been eye opening and I'm learning a lot about myself and the people around me. I'm so lucky to have loving family and friends...people who support me and who are willing to hold my hand (or hands) through this process.

While I am posting this blog, I'm not really advertising this whole surgery thing. I figure there are folks who will infer the meaning of some of my FB posts, some who will read these, and some who won't even notice...and that's ok. I'm not ashamed or embarrassed...just trying not to muddle the FB world with my ramblings. And we know that I can ramble! So, go ahead and start sharing your prayers and well wishes to whichever power you pray more day of liquids, then it's off to the hospital! Surgery Wednesday at 2:30 at Baylor Trophy Club! I'm ready...HERE WE GO!!!!

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