Sunday, November 20, 2011

It's 3 A.M....

Ok, it's really almost 4:00 and I can't sleep! I woke up to the sound of Milo puking!'s that time again.  Every 6 months he does this puking thing. I also think that there is a correlation between his puking and the stress levels in the house.  I don't know if it's the extra people in the house or if it's getting that innate feeling that I'm sick...not real sure.  He had to go to the vet when I had my brain surgery too. Nothing like an old cat with IBS! Guess we're taking him to the vet next week!

So, I know I need to NOT do this, but...I can't wait until it's time to wake up (for real) so that I can weigh myself! Crazy huh? I had this vision in my head of the weight just melting off (literally) of me with little effort.  I know that's kind of coming, but I literally expected to leave the hospital 10-15 lbs lighter. Nope. I actually gained weight with the water retention, etc that my body went through.  Interestingly, however, I weighed yesterday morning, then again, randomly yesterday afternoon and I'd lost 2 lbs.  That's way backwards from what I've always seen the scale work...but I'll take it...and it's only been 4 full days. I need to just chill.

Have I mentioned how lucky I am to have Mom and Dad here? They are quick to play High Protein Bartender for me and of course gopher as I send them to the store for something at least once or twice a day! I think Dad likes getting out of the house! I secretly told him when we were walking our laps at the hospital that there is a Cabella's no more than 10 miles away from my house (don't tell Mom)...and he doesn't have to fight the Grapevine traffic (to get to Bass Pro).  So, there's another excuse to get out of the house.

I was very lucky to have special friends come visit me last night! Monday is my friend Amy's birthday and she was kind enough not to share the fact that she had a birthday party with me, so I wouldn't be sad that I was missing it...especially once I learned that the Austin crew came up for the party! So, when Amy and Cheryl came to visit yesterday, Dad opened the door and I was in the kitchen getting ice...Amy walked in...then my friend Cari (form Austin) and I was way excited.  I guess I looked down at my glass to put the ice in it, looked back up and my friends LaDon and Paige (also from Austin) were standing in my living room..and local Cheryl came in lastly.  Holy cow, I couldn't believe it. They were all here...then it hit me...they were all here for Amy's birthday. Big sigh. So we all went next door to Neighbor Bette's house (she's at her daughters because she had a pace maker put in on Monday) and just chatted and laughed for a bit before they continued on with the birthday festivities.  I assured them I was there in spirit and that coming to see me meant the world to me! Great, great friends, I tell ya! I'm a lucky girl!

Oh, and the realization that the weight isn't going to just FALL off of me hit me when talking to them. I don't know, I think I was little embarrassed that there hadn't been more weight loss....which prompted the conversation about it NOT just falling off of me....which prompted discussions about where they were going to eat dinner,  Blah de blah de blah... Big sigh that I'm not hanging out over there.

Which leads me to the fact that Mom wouldn't LET me walk around the apartment complex after dark. I tried to assure her that Keller crimes only involve folks selling drugs or people trying to cover for their husbands suicides! She didn't seem to really care.  I am very loved...but I can assure you there is no reason for me to NOT walk in my parking lot.

Ok, I'm getting a little sleepy again! Woo Wooo woo! Night all...morning some...and so on....

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