Friday, November 18, 2011

No Place Like Home

That Dorothy had it right..there is no place like home! It feels so good to be here in my own bed, on a real computer!

I've had an exciting 3 days! I never, ever expected to stay 2 nights, but, the Radiologist who had to read my swallow study ( the way) was running behind, so I didn't get that done until around 1:30 yesterday, then the nurses had to monitor my fluid intake, which is what kept me there over night.  I wasn't sure the Dr was going to release me today...I figured he was out playing golf somewhere! Nevertheless, I was released and we're all home!  Well, Mom and I are.  She's sound asleep on the couch, Dad's out and about and probably shopping for things he doesn't need to shop for! And I am sitting in my bed and about to take a nap. I have to nap between 4 oz of fluid breaks. 4 oz at a time. That's it.  That's all I can put into my tummy. Oh goodness.  We bought a bag of sonic ice to munch on because that is the BEST!

I'm not really in much pain...but then again, they gave me my last Morphine shot yesterday afternoon and have been on liquid hydrocodone after that. I have 4 incisions on my tummy. They are between 3/4 and 1.5" long.  Not too bad...and they don't seal you back up with stitches anymore, it's this glue and I think I like it! I also have a hole in my side from the drain. Apparently they don't stitch that up after they take the 2 foot drainage tube out! She just kept pulling and pulling...bleck!  I'm glad it's out though because I didn't want to have to deal with that....but now I just have a hole...with gauze and a bandaide keeping it covered it. I will chunk the first cat that steps on my tummy though!

I don't think I feel any different because of this. I will say that I'm amazed by the support, love and prayers I received over the last few days! I am such a lucky girl.  Before we got out of the car at the hospital the day of my surgery Dad wanted to say a prayer...I told her yes, but be sure you throw in "pray for no excessive gas or nausea" and guess what? I had neither!!!  That was the best thing ever! So very excited about that!

So, now I just follow the clear liquids diet for a couple of days while the swelling goes down, then I can start in on more of the protein type foods. I'm excited to get to see Cottage Cheese and Greek Yogurt again!

Ok, I think my pain medicine is kicking in...I can't hold my eyes open!  Love to you all and thanks for a lot for reading my crazy stories!!

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