Monday, November 7, 2011


My tummy is growling.'s not pretty!  But it's bedtime and I know I don't NEED food. I got my protein in for the day, and actually went over a bit. I do love those Smoothie King drinks. I like them so much I feel like I should ask the Dr. if it's ok for me to drink them! :o/   The good news is I'm getting through this! We (and by we, I mean me) have 6 more days of this diet, then 2 days of clear liquids only diet.  My surgery is scheduled for Wednesday, November 16th at 2:30...yes, 2:30.  That's awfully late! My poor parents will  have to tolerate my crankiness.  Or, maybe I'll go to work in the morning , then just leave there for surgery.  Why does that seem odd?  Might as well save a half day, right??  While I am struggling with all this craziness, I can still see 2 months down the road and how excited I am going to be about the weight I've lost! How exciting will it be to go shopping at Target...and Old Navy! I can't wait...and I'm gonna be so stinkin' cute!  Hahaha!  I need moments like this so that when my tummy is growling, I know that it's all for a reason and all because there is a bigger plan!!!

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  1. You ARE gonna be so stinkin' cute!!! (You already are, Ey!!!) So excited for you! I wanna go shopping with ya! I LOVE me some shopping!!!! :)